the return!

...aaaaaaaaaand breathe!

Hello! The great Orbax here, returning after a (jesus christ) three week long absence to the news section of our website, which has been hi-jacked as my creative writing project, or blog.

A blog that I've neglected for some good long time now (honestly just when it started becoming easy to write something on a semi-daily basis) because of, well... life stuff.

As many of you know, wedding bells were in the air for Pepper and that meant my home was riddled with international performer friends like a sixth grader is riddled with head lice (yeah... pretty wicked simile, I know).

I was pretty excited to share my new home with our friends from all over, and albeit difficult at times to deal with 7 people in a one bathroom domicile it was worth it for the memories. Memories of good times with good people,  not memories of the bathroom.

Although there will be plenty of those.

Also, if my calculations serve me truthfully (and they always do), I managed to put in around 2000 km of driving during the three week gap as well.   

In all that time you'd think I'd have a ton of funny stories to write about here, and I actually do, I just don't think a lot of them should be committed to print.

So for now, two things.

Thing the first: new video today on the various platforms. My unheralded return to written content has been released in conjunction with an old video from 2014 of us being jackasses with the Lizardman at Glastonbury Festival. Enjoy on Facebook or Youtube.

Thing number two: tomorrow we fly to Vancouver for our ninth year (yes that's right NINE YEARS) at Fright Nights at the PNE/Playland. Three shows a night under the big circus tent. Another Guinness Record attempt this year, but more on that in the coming days.

Thing the third (I know I said two, but I lied): we're working out new material! Yup! New stuff at the park this year. It's some pretty ambitious bits but we'll see how they go!

Anyways, time to grab a beer with clown and discuss his peers who've been in the news recently.



P.S. If anyone's actually reading this and you want to see regular updates I'm hoping that we will be updating regularly with both video and blogs during the rest of October. If that's not enough Pepper and I both post to our personal Instagram accounts (Pepper here and Orbax here) more than anything else really. I've been really digging the stories thing lately.