Schlocktober Update!

Greetings Monster-philes!

It's the most wonderful time of the year... Schlocktober!

The Monsters have returned to their TENTH year at the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver as part of Fright Nights. Ten years! How crazy is that?

It's been an emotional run out here so far, so many old friends and new ones. We've had several occasions when grown ups, like for real adults, have shown us pictures on their phones from when they first saw us 7, 9 or even 10 years ago. Kinda makes us feel like all of this hasn't been a wasted life, ya know?

Of course these lifelong fans mean nothing to us because they haven't backed the Indiegogo or likely even read this 'blog' so that makes YOU, dear reader, the TRUE fans we feel indebted to ;)

As many of you know, we usually perform a crazy stunt out here at Fright Nights. This is where Pepper first set the mousetrap record, where I did my truck pull and where the roller coaster tattoo happened.

This year, we teamed up with Big Rob from the Lords of Gastown for the World's Most Dangerous Tug of War.

Rob manned a full sized Harley while Pepper and I hooked up to it via flesh hooks in the forearms. As if that wasn't dumb enough, we erected a Wall of Death between us... 30 feet of propane fueled flame to really set the stakes.

Shockingly it was successful and we actually walked away unharmed!

Rather than un-armed ;)

Yes, I did just make that joke.

Want to see the results? Take a look at the Vancouver Sun article and Video here:

We even made it into the Bulgarian news!

Don't worry! We filmed a bunch of it including the testing phase and it's FOR SURE going to be in your documentary!

Don't forget, if you've been missing your weekly dose of Monsters we've started a new weekly YouTube series. It's just silly and fun interviews but you get to see us every week if you subscribe!

We've got an extra scary one coming out Halloween but this week we interview our pal and emcee of Fright Nights for the past seven years, Singe the Clown!



P.S. Pepper says hi!