Orbax here and I’m finding it incredibly difficult to type in the cramped comforts of what is otherwise  a relatively spacious WestJet seat.

Pepper and I are just getting back from the Lethbridge Windy City Tattoo Weekend and MAN it was a lot of fun crammed into a short period of time!

This summer has been one of the most successful summers in our history. We’ve managed to rack up a ridiculous amount of flights and hit multiple cities (and countries) that we’ve never played. Thus far since May we’ve been to (in chronological order) Columbus, Ballarrat Australia, Spokane Washington, Dublin Ireland, London UK, Cork Ireland, Coney Island New York, Phoenix AZ, Antigonish Nova Scotia, London Ontario, and even Oshawa (gross, yes I know).

We’ve been filming everything we can for the documentary in the hope that somehow the footage we’re collecting of us sitting in airport lounges is entertaining.

In all honesty the idea of sifting through the footage we’ve collected for this documentary is incredibly overwhelming. Even just putting the time into editing and paring down material in the few videos that we’ve been releasing that you’ve seen over on FB has taken many more hours than I had ever considered.

I think that’s our  route forward though. The show has always been a beast live, and this summer has proven to me more than ever before that our appeal spreads across all nations, peoples and ages. We seem to have an uncanny ability to just make people laugh and have fun. I’ve screamed the happy birthday song at people so many times in shows this summer that I’ve lost count (edit: I’ve remembered it was 6 times).

So the real question is how do we find this audience? How do we get more of what we do out to you?

I’ve always made jokes about 'content' and we’ve tried (unsuccessfully at times) to get stuff out to you with some regularity but I feel like we need to step it up.

So stay tuned. We’ve got a fun little spin-off web series that we’ve put together as a result of the doc that I think you’ll really enjoy. Nothing scripted, no stunts, just us being dummies.

The first one is out over on YouTube and we'll have new episodes up every single Monday. Hopefully this will hold everyone over while we work tirelessly to make a killer movie.

In the meantime, enjoy Sweet Pepper Klopek's Hot Seat!