Stormwatch 2016!

Hello everyone!

We're hunkered down in Vancouver as the third and most dangerous of the tropical storms to hit the city in as many days looms on the horizon.

For those of you not in the loop (and may I suggest if you are not yet then you should get into that aforementioned loop) we are currently in Vancouver for our NINTH year at Fright Nights at the Pacific National Exhibition.

This annual journey of ours has become a yearly time of adventure perforated with three shows a night in our own circus tent on the fairgrounds. This year, however, danger looms LITERALLY on the horizon as we sit high atop the 20th floor in our Air BnB condo awaiting the arrival of 100 kph winds that threaten to (I assume) kill everyone we've ever known and loved.

We shall be finding out in mere hours time whether we will be braving the storm to wetly entertain the 6 or 7 idiots who will undoubtedly be out in the worst weather in BC history, or whether we will be enjoying an warm relaxed evening sipping pumpkin beers and watching horror movies as the city outside our condo crumbles and a Mad Max like post-apocalyptic society rebuilds itself from the wet ashes of a clearly over-extended metaphor.

I assume the former shall be our fate.

Our journey thus far has been fraught with adventure, the result of which has been overwhelmingly positive.


The usual perils of any Vancouver trip have applied ie. terrible weather, brutal drivers, inherent housing issues, etc... and as a matter of fact our most intense altercation simply resulted in a Home Depot parking lot shouting match that resulted in us making overt statements of positive mental attitudes rather than fisticuffs. I believe at one point Pepper shouted 'Treat others the way you want to be treated, you piece of shit!'.

Times have certainly changed for the Monsters.

Expect a much happier and upbeat version of our show this season as we are pelted endlessly with rain for the next ten days and walking about with our socks full of water, keeping our chins held high and our eyes on the prize.

But in all seriousness it's been a fun trip so far.

Our first night off and Ghost happened to be playing at the Vogue Theatre so we saw a spectacular show and got to spend good times with some of our friends from Adorned Precision Body Arts on Commercial Drive. So much fun was imbibed that I ended up karaoke-ing... which would explain the next day's hangover.

Our first run of shows went very well, and I was also given a gift... if you play a gig long enough, eventually someone brings you their grandpa's leg!


I've decided that there's no real way to follow that statement and so I leave you.

I would ask you to pray for us, but we both know that does nothing.

In the event of our deaths I ask only one thing... revenge.