stormwatch, more like norm...glotch?

Stormageddon 2016 resulted in nothing.

No wind, almost no rain. Just a night off.

It's been pretty disappointing really, all of our nights off have had fantastic weather here in Vancouver, while our show nights have been cold and rainy.

I don't know if you've ever shoved a cold fork up your nose in ten degree weather, or put your arm in a freezing coyote trap in the damp rain, but it sucks.

More than usual.

That said, the shows we have done have been great! And we've been enjoying the rarity of having nights off by actually getting to see friends from Vancouver for once.

We hit full stride tonight as we will be working all the way through until Sunday, have one night off (Monday), set ANOTHER Guinness World Record Tuesday, and then work straight through until Halloween.

No rest for the wicked.

In terms of hilariously comedic incidents since last we spoke?

Well we had a terrifying evening at Booooostooon Piiiiiiizzaaaa (to clearly be said in a spooky voice) followed by a creep-tacular night at Potter's House of Horrors where we were accompanied by the ghost of Tupac himself!

We even have photographic evidence!

Truly a chilling evening.

Yesterday I sat for the longest tattoo session I've ever had, 8 hours, to get this killer Godzilla leg piece by Manny Landry at Pennyblack Tattoo.

While incredibly painful the final result speaks for itself. So worth it.


Seriously Manny is an amazing artist and total hunk (albeit a nerd) and you should seek him out if you're ever looking for some wicked realism or comic book tattooing.

News coming soon about next week's record attempt! Until then.. stay dry Vancouver.