Burnaby Q. Orbax:

A scientific and comedic genius, the great Prof. Burnaby Q. Orbax performed his first freak show in 1998 as part of ‘The Lamest Sideshow on Earth’.

With a Bachelors degree in Physics, a minor in Mathematics and a Masters degree in Physics, the great Orbax was well on his way to his doctorate when he was ejected from the university due to ‘inhumane experimentation’. Although, in his defense, the great Orbax stated ‘There is no way that anything I was experimenting on could even remotely be considered human… anymore.’

After leaving academia, Orbax worked briefly as a hardcore wrestler carving out a swath of humor and devastation across southern Ontario. It was during this time that he developed his love of being thrown through tables, a passion he shares with his brother Sweet Pepper Klopek.

It was also around this time that Orbax founded his own rogue taxidermy company Fiendish Curiosities. To this day Fiendish Curiosities remains dedicated to ‘Fixing God’s Mistakes’. Combining elements of taxidermy, latex casting and special effects techniques, Orbax creates and sells displays of oddities and anomalies of nature for traveling sideshows as well as for private collectors and museums. His past-time of collecting and creating abominations of nature has lead to an incredible menagerie of the strange which is also available for display at events.

On Halloween of 2003, Orbax suffered third degree burns to 11% of his body during an on stage accident. This resulted in a ten day stay in the Hamilton Hospital Burn ward, and a 5 month retirement from public performance. It was at that point that Orbax felt he had to decide whether to retire, or to fully commit himself to being a professional entertainer.

He chose the latter.

Since then the great Orbax has toured as a solo act, with the monstrous menagerie known as the Great Orbax Sideshow, and now as one half of the Monsters of Schlock. In that time he has carved a niche for himself as one of the top sideshow performers in the world today, and has continued to lecture in Physics. The Monsters of Schlock continue to tour extensively, bringing to life the world’s most ridiculous circus sideshow comedy magic extravaganza.

Fun Fact:
The great Orbax has pulled a monster truck from hooks in his back, fallen 14 feet through a table, and worn a twenty pound beard of bees all for the entertainment of his audiences. Seriously.

Sweet Pepper Klopek:

He’s been called many things: the tall man, the world’s handsomest man, the crimson mongoose, two armed bob, the human Wikipedia entry, but one thing’s sure, don’t call him late for dinner!

Comedian, master magician and consummate performer, Sweet Pepper Klopek is best known as the front man for the Niagara Falls based band The Legendary Klopeks. Founded in 1994, the Undisputed Kings of Punk Rock have performed across Canada, America and the UK, with such notable bands as Pennywise, Suicidal Tendencies, Municipal Waste, Sigh (Japan), Blink 182 . As the lead singer, Pepper is regularly subjected to an all out assault of mousetraps, thumbtacks and barbed wire baseball bats. And as if that's not enough he also fronts Skullkrusher, Canada's thrash metal kings.

Sweet Pepper and the great Orbax, twin brothers separated at birth, were reunited in 2003 in the sprawling metropolis of Tweed, Ontario when the $2000 worth of fireworks they were exploding ran amok and almost detonated the propane tanks of a nearby French Fry truck. Later that night, Orbax power-bombed Pepper through a table. It was a classic moment of unbridled comedy.

In 2006 Pepper joined the Great Orbax Sideshow, using his 18 plus years of extensive theatre and performance background to enhance and propel the freakshow to new heights. It was this influence that allowed for the evolution of the Monsters of Schlock.

Pepper continues to wow audiences across the country alongside the great Orbax with his own brand of comedy magic, mixed with cartoon-like levels of violence.

Fun Fact:

Sweet Pepper was once suplexed so hard through a table that the impact on his back bruised his ribs…. IN THE FRONT!