Hello everyone, Orbax here.
I know the holidays can be a difficult time for some people and I really didn’t want to burden you guys but I felt it was time I finally spoke out.
Last week a very important person disappeared from my life.
I only knew him as R3dLionLegacy, but we had been involved for over a year and a half at the point when he passed.
He was my Pokemon Go avatar.
But he was so much more to me.
I had trained him up from a neophyte to a level 33 long past the time when the game was popular to a point where only very specific ten year olds and stay at home dads had achieved the same degree of success.
Last week I upgraded my phone and it lost my account. Niantic claims there is nothing they can do and after attempting to revive him several times I have decided to close the book on this chapter of my life and let him pass.
At the young level of 33 he accomplished so much, evolved two Gyaradii by walking Magikarps, even had a Larvitar on deck to evolve. We did so much together. We evolved our Doduo by making him a buddy, and even did the same with a Dratini.
We travelled the world together, hand in hand. I remember our first Meowth in Germany and how we nabbed a Kangaskhan as soon as I turned my phone on in Australia.
It wasn’t always good times… we often broke the laws of Canada and the game by trying to hatch eggs while driving, and we never did land a Legendary.
I’ve come to terms with his passing, and I hope you can understand. I will never give up hope but in my heart I believe that the autistic gentleman at Niantic who developed the game secretly had him killed because he was intimidated by my obsessive compulsive disorder which kept me trapped in that world right up until
the point where they had developed weather mapping and I could have taken our gameplay up to a higher level.
RIP R3dLionLegacy.
You will be missed.